Adaro is a merperson-like creature from the Solomon Islands. They are very dangerous and are described as a person with gills behind its ears, tail fins instead of feet, a shark dorsal fin-like horn and a spear growing out of its head, like a swordfish or sawfish. They also travel in waterspouts and along rainbows.


The Adaro are described as malevolent sea spirits that live in the Pacific Ocean, and are said to arise from the evil within a person's spirit.

In The Popular Culture

In the Video Game The Secret Saturdays Beasts of the 5th Sun, the Adaro that appeared had fins all over its body and white large eyes and a horn on the top of its skull and was blue. It also appeared to help Zak fight Tatzelwurms and it can leap out of the water in The Glacier level and it's appeared that Munya beat Adaro and cut its horn and fled, meanwhile the Adaro was looks like almost death but in Nintendo version it's appeared as Collectible crytid for Cryptopedia and it's also one of the cryptids that Zak must protect ( Adaro, Orange Eyes, Burning man, Azazel, Wampus Cat, Con Rit, and Kikiyaon).

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