Babaroga (baba=old woman, rog=horn) is a folk belief (Croatia, Bosnia) scarecrow as a toothless old freakish woman with a horn on her head. Young children are afraid of her. Babaroga buys naughty children and takes them to her lair. But Baba is actually a subspecies of a female specter (lat. Ridiculae) and is usually old, bent and ugly, which is often mixed with a witch.

It was named after the Horn, or rog, which she grows on her forehead. Babaroga lives in dark rooms and goes out at night. Babarogas horn grows only in puberty,but is toothless from birth. Babaroga should not be confused with witch and various other hags from folk beliefs - Baba-Yaga, baba-Korizma, Đedovom Babom, etc.

Babaroga may either snatch her victim and put them in a bag, dragging them to her cave to be devoured or she may reach out and snatch the child through cracks in the ceiling - regardless of how this terrible witch commits her deed the outcome is almost always seen as a grisly demise for her victim.

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