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Beast of Busco

The Beast of Busco

The Beast of Busco (Or affectionately known as Oscar from the first discoverer) resides in Churubusco, Indiana, where it is supposedly a giant snapping turtle. Legend has it that the story starts in 1898, when a farmer named Oscar Fulk supposedly saw a giant turtle living in the seven-acre lake on his farm near Churubusco. He told others about it, but eventually he decided to leave it alone.

A half century later, in July, 1948, two Churubusco citizens, Ora Blue and Charley Wilson, also reported seeing a huge turtle (weighing an estimated 500 pounds) while fishing on the same lake, which had come to be known as Fulk Lake. A farmer named Gale Harris owned the land at that time. Harris and others also reported seeing the creature. Word spread, and many expeditions were held to try and get the beast out of the lake, including draining the lake. Not much else is known about the Beast of Busco. Some say it is just hibernating and waiting for food to come to it. Some say the Beast never existed and it was just Oscar's way of making the sleepy town feel alive.

Turtle Days FestivalEdit

Oscar is honored in the turtle days festival each June. It includes a parade, carnival and turtle races.

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