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The Billdad (Saltipiscator falcorostratus) is a creature from folklore of the North American lumberjacks, known as a fearsome critter. It lives only around Boundary Pond, in north west Maine. It often goes fishing in a simple manner. It waits by a grassy area with lots of insects. When a fish surfaces to try to eat a bug, the Billdad will jump over it with astonishing speed, and smacks its tail down hard enough to stun the fish, which is promptly eaten. The smack sounds similar to paddling, and canoers are sometimes mistaken for the Billdad, and vice versa. The Billdad was considered to be a delicacy by lumberjacks until very recently, but no one knows what the meat tastes like(except for one man, more on that later) because the Billdad is very shy and good at hiding. One washed up on the shore dead, so a cook made a meal out of it, to be eaten by Bill Murphy. However, as soon as he ate it, he felt sick, his eyes glazed over, and he ran outside and imitated a Billdad (this part is most likely exaggerated by locals).


It was described to be about the size of a beaver, with long, kangaroo-like hind legs, short front legs, webbed feet, and a heavy, hawk-like beak. It has a very fast and powerful jump, and a strong tail. They have been reported to jump up to about 60 yards. The Billdad is not one for attacking humans (or anything bigger than itself really). Billdad meat is poisonous in a way, so nobody wants to eat it anymore.


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