Black Stick Men are a relatively recent phenomenon. People across the globe have been sighting these two-dimensional, pitch black beings. They appear to be two dimensional, and their appearance always looks the same no matter what angle they are seen at.

Black Stick Man 1
Black Stick Man
Black Stick Man 3

Their heights range from that of a normal human being, to an abnormal several feet tall. They reportedly make no sound and cast no shadow. Witnesses also claim that these figures are often charged with some sort of electricity; the most often reported being static electricity. Witnesses often claim that while encountering these beings, they feel a strange urge of aggression or agitation. It could be said that these beings exert some form of negative energy.

They are unlike Ghosts in that they are not linked with any particular paranormal incident or location. They simply appear, and they have been appearing more and more recently for people.

Although they could be related in some way, these are not to be confused with Shadow People. There has yet to be a recorded case of a Black Stick Man to attack a person, and they have yet to communicate in any way, not even making a sound.

They are also not to be confused with The Slenderman, which is a fictional character created for an online Creepypasta story.

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