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Black Volga and its' Drivers are one of the most known Slavic urban legends, widespread in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and even Mongolia. From a cryptozoological and paranormal point of view, it could also be one of the most bizzare cryptids ever seen, going as far as to the possibility of being a sentient, demonic car.


The Volga story appeared back when Poland was known as the Polish People's Republic, first appearing around the early 1950's, continuing well into the 1970's and even 1980's in some areas.


The Volga itself allegedly had window drapes, white tires, and according to some relations it had horns instead of wing mirrors, glowing-red headlights and jet-black windows. It was described as rather fast for it's model, far beyond maximum speed other GAZ-21 Volga could reach. The limousine that was allegedly used to abduct people, especially children. According to different versions, it was driven by priests, nuns, Jews, or strange paranormal beings with pale skin and red eyes, bearing a resemblance to albino people, which were actually vampires. One version even tells about the Volga being driven by Satan or some other demon, and by far the most bizzare one is about the car being sentient itself and driving around by itself. According to the stories, children were either killed inside or were kidnapped to use their blood as a cure for rich Westerners or Arabs suffering from leukemia; other variants used organ theft as the motive, combining it with another famous legend about kidney theft by the KGB. The legend surfaced again in the late 20th century, with a BMW or Mercedes car taking the Volga's place. In this version, the driver would ask passers-by for the time and kill them when they approached the car to answer. In another version of the legend, the victim would die at the same time a day later.


Polish right-wing communities found an explanation to this legend, in which the Soviet goverment have spread out the rumours about priests, nuns or Westerners which they considered to be enemies of the communism killing children, to make them think they are their enemies too. Some people at the time thought that the Volga was used by satanists.

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