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The Burrunjor is an Australian dinosaur cryptid that resembles the theropod dinosaur T. rex, or maybe a megaraptorid like Australovenator, Megaraptor, or Rapator, but it could also be a dinosaur that we do not know from the fossil record. The Burrunjor is described as being a giant lizard according to aboriginal mythology. Based on sightings it is 25 feet long
282px-Arnhem land locator
and has small clawed hands and walks on two bipedal legs. Through the 1950s, Australian cattle ranchers have reported a large creature leaving bipedal tracks was eating their livestock. Also, earlier aboriginal accounts suggest that is it a reptilian animal (possibly with feathers) that ate kangaroos and other large animals. If it weren't for the bipedal footprint sightings, the burrunjor could also be a Megalania (Varanus priscus), a prehistoric giant monitor lizard that lived in the area more recently, base on the aboriginal description.


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