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Leopard camel

The Cameleopard is spoken of from early outsiders who visited Africa, notably the ancient Greeks and Arabs, and considered to be a misidentification of a giraffe but some think it may be its own species because it was described to have different qualities than the giraffe. Scientists consider cameleopard to be an archaic name for giraffe, giving giraffe's the scientific name camelopardalis.


The Cameleopard is the size of a male camel with leopard like spots and two large curved horns atop its head, these horns were thought to be a latent gene activation. Arabs, who called the creature zarafah (fast walker), believed this creature came into the world by the unnatural pairing of a male camel (Camelus dromedarius) and female leopard (Panthera pardus). Zarafah is where the word giraffe originated.


There has been no modern day sightings of the Cameleopard but some researchers think that this creature and the giraffe may be the same creature, while others think The Cameleopard and the Nandi Bear may be the same creature.

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