After Cryptid wiki's beginning in 2009, wiki contributers rushed to the wiki, created as many articles as they could, however, there were no categories. It is unknown who was the wiki contributer that created the category "Cryptids ", however, that category remained the only category on the wiki for years. Then, two years later during 2011, user Australopithecusman came to wiki. After adding several images and increasing content, Australopithecusman establish two categories, Hairy Humanoids, Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs, as well as Giant Bats. However, these categories had no definitions, and couldn't fit for reptilian humanoid, such as the Kappas, who weren't dinosaurs, bats, or hairy humanoids. The categories were vague, and had no real definitions, until the recently admin Ghostman came to the wiki and saw the problems. Ghostman then said the wisest words ever written on the wiki....
Cryptid Creatures
"Okay look I know we're working on making this wiki great and everything but your adding the wrong categories to the cryptids. Hellhounds are not hairy humanoids and last I checked Kappas weren't hairy humanoids or even chupacabra. I've stood by and let you wrongly categorize the cryptids but if we are gonna make this wiki great we need to buckle down and create the category pages first and then correctly categorize said cryptids. We need to buckle down and create the category pages before we even start on creating the rest of the cryptid pages. Categorization is before creation. "

TheGhostMan was absolutely right. The categories didn't make sense and there needed to be more specific categories to improve the wiki's quality. So, thus came forth the rules set beside for the categories on Cryptid Wiki. Help edit and improve these categories, so that we can have a stable wiki.


A category for anything not regarding a particular cryptid, but for the wiki in general, such as this article


The main super category that contains all cryptids. All other categories are subcategories to it, in exception to browse and former cryptid

Former Cryptids

The one of few super categories in cryptid wiki, it also make a rival with main super category (Cryptid), although it not significantly improved than Cyptid, former cryptid is category of creature believed to be a cryptid but scientifically exist.


All cryptid that shared characteristic or believed to be hybrid of human, this included Hairy humanoid, Reptilian humanoid, or Sasquatch

Hairy Humanoids

Any bipedal cryptids, covered in fur, and walking on two legs.

Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs

Any archosaur, a group of reptiles that contains Crocodiles, Dinosaurs, and Birds.

Giant Bats

Any nondragonoid cryptid with bat wings.

Dragons and Dragonoids

Any cryptid shared characteristics with dragon, snakes included here

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