An example of a folkloric creature described as a germ/virus, the hizo-no-mushi

There have been many reports of unknown viruses and bacteria killing people. Some people think that these 'Cryptid Microbes' are of alien origin, while others think they are misunderstandings or legends. The TV series Secret Saturdays featured these cryptids in various episodes, including...

Here is a list of cryptids on this wiki that fit into the category of "Cryptid Microbe":

These and many other Cryptid Microbes have been sighted worldwide.  

In the Harikigaki

Japan’s Kyushu National Museum holds a copy of the Harikikigaki — a 16th century medical text of unknown authorship which claimed that diseases

were caused by tiny bugs that crawled into the body. The Harikikigaki advises using acupuncture and herbs to deal with the bugs.

The Belief

Until the late 19th century, Japanese people believed illness was spread by evil kami called yakubyogami. At first these gods were thought to take human form, but later, influenced by thinking in texts from China, some people came to think of them as little creatures as small enough to enter the body. The Harikikigaki, written in 1568, is mostly about acupuncture,however, this rare text includes 63 color depictions of the various mushi (germs) believed to cause diseases.  

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