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Snail monster by teonardo-d86xa75

Sazae-oni (栄螺鬼 lit. shellfish ogre) are oni from Japanese mythology, resembling large mollusks.During the late Muromachi period (16th century), the Hyakki Yagyō Zu (百鬼夜行図) records several cases of this creature.

According to the fishermen of Onjuku, Chiba Prefecture, the Iwawada coast are infested with a variant of this creature with an Abalone shell, inhabiting rough tide. It "reportedly makes the seas so rough" that prevents the seafarers from going out to fish. Pirates off the coast of Japan often reported seeing the creature. In Kii Province, Wakayama Prefecture, Pirates rescued a drowning woman from the sea and took her back to the ship. They quickly discovered the this was the creature in human disguise.

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