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Welcome to Cryptid Wiki
The wiki about cryptids, that anyone can edit.

Cryptids are monsters... except that cryptids could actually exist! When talking about Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster you're talking about something that could live right on this Earth right now! On Cryptid Wiki, we document all of the possible information you can get about cryptids and determine if they're real or not.

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We do not accept creepypasta monsters, such as slenderman, herobrine, the rake, or any others as they are, well, creepypasta. If you create a page like this, you will be issued a warning and the page will be deleted.

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Crazy Critter of Bald Mountain is a name given for an alleged insect-like creature confronted by several shocked motorists during the evening of 17 November 1974 on Bald Mountain.

On November 14th, 1974, a “fiery object” in the sky was witnessed crashing to Earth near Bald Mountain in Lewis County, Washington. Within a week of this event, two parties in the area reported encountering a strange creature; horse-sized, with tentacles and an antenna and, most notably, giving off a strong green glow like “a neon sign in the fog.” After reports of the creature hit the local papers, the Sheriff of Lewis County, one William H. Wiester — often misspelled as “Wister” — began an investigation into the sightings, but in a twist that will come as no shock to UFO enthusiasts his inquiry was allegedly halted by individuals claiming to represent both NASA and the United States Air Force.

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