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This article contains information relating to a hoax. According to Cambridge dictionary a hoax is "a ​plan to ​deceive a ​large ​group of ​people; a ​trick."

Diplocaulus hoax

Diplocaulus Hoax

Diplocaulus Anatomy

Anatomical drawing of diplocaulus by Terryl Whitlach.

The Diplocaulus is an extinct genus of lepospondyl salamanders known to have lived between the Early to Late Permian Period (between 298.9 - 252.17 MYA), that have been purported to actually be a Lazarus species since 2004.


Professor Patrick Schembri of the Department of Biology at the University of Malta discussed the photos in an article that was published in November 2004 in the Malta Times. He identified the creature as an amphibian called a Diplocaulus, but he noted that the photos had to be fake because the Diplocaulus had been extinct for 270 million years. He speculated that the creature was a model.

The image was later traced back to an amateur Japanese model-maker who had taken the photo back in 1992 and submitted it to a magazine as part of a contest.

Another sighting shows a pink diplocaulus in a lake. It is alive and is probably not a hoax like the one at the direct bottom.

Strange creature caught on video. What is this? Mysterious creature Report

Strange creature caught on video. What is this? Mysterious creature Report.3

Diplocaulus Still Alive ! Cryptid Exist

Diplocaulus Still Alive ! Cryptid Exist

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