Five-Striped Abyss Fish

The Five-Striped Abyss Fish is one of Beebe's Abyssal Fishes of the North Atlantic Ocean. These deep-sea fishes were observed by William Beebe in a bathysphere in the North Atlantic Ocean off Nonsuch Island, Bermuda, between 1930 and 1934; they have never been recorded since. they had a roundish body; with five lines of purple and yellow photophores on the sides. The creatures had large eyes, and small pectoral fins. They were only observed once at 1,900 feet by William Beebe in a bathysphere off Bermuda in the early 1930s.

Scientific Name

  • Bathysidus pentagrammus, given by William Beebe.

Possible Explanation

  • Carl Hubbs thought Beebe had seen a mass of jellyfish distorted by the mist of his breath on the bathysphere’s porthole.

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