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The Man Called Cold The Woodrow Derenberger Interview29:58

The Man Called Cold The Woodrow Derenberger Interview


Indrid Cold

Indrid Cold (The Grinning Man) was thought to be an alien trying his best to gain the physical traits of a human.

First SightingEdit

Indrid Cold was first seen on October 16, 1966 when two boys in New Jersey were walking on Fourth Street, when they saw a surreal figure standing near a fence. As they walked closer, the figure was a tall bald man wearing a metal green suit who was staring right at them with a huge grin. The idiosyncratic man chased them until they got away from him.

Second SightingEdit


On November 2, 1966 in Parkersburg, West Virginia (around the same area and time period that the Mothman came about), Woodrow Derenberger was driving his way home until he heard a crash. Then, an extraterestrial vehicle landed in front of his truck. The Grinning Man came out of the vehicle with a dark tan. The Grinning Man then walked up to Derenberger and telepathically told him that his name was "Indrid Cold" and that he meant no harm and he just wanted to know more about the human race.  mm


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