In 1960s New York, no fewer than 6 witnesses encountered a floating, mysterious blob like creature that was so terrifying 2 armed men fled from it in terror. The story of this creature begins in Kinderhook, New York. The first report, from 1962, comes from a 10 year old boy (at the time) and his 7 year old cousin, Chari. According to Hollenbeck, he and his
White blob 2 morphy

The peering blob

cousin were walking in the woods when they saw the creature. “When I was 10 years old (1962) I was up in the woods behind our house with my cousin Chari, who was then age seven. We both heard this really high-pitched whistle noise.” They looked for the source of the sound, and Hallenbeck described "a white object peering at me from behind a nearby pine tree.” He would later clarify the statement with “I say ‘peering,’ but in fact it had no eyes that I could see.” The 2 children hastily ran back to Hallenbeck's parents home. For 2 years, all was quiet, but then an unnamed man was hiking through the woods when he saw “a big white blob” floating toward him. It terrified him so much so that he jumped over a pond measuring 6 feet across. He eventually mustered up the courage to return to the scene with his once skeptical friend, armed with shovels and pitchforks, ready to confront the beast. The friend suddenly turned “white as a sheet”. He silently pointed ahead to a white shape, which was hovering
Kinder hook blob morphy 2015
through the trees. They both lost courage, dropped their weapons, and ran away. Some say the third encounter was in 1964, others in 1978. Regardless, this run in with the beast was with Barry Scott and Russell Lee, who were both 14 at the time. According to them, the first sign something was out of the ordinary was the “tramping” outside of the tent. How it can both float and tramp is also a mystery. They peeked outside the tent, and saw an entity almost identical to the other reports. This time, it looked more like a ghost then a typical blob. Both agree it floated more than it walked, but Barry described it as “bell shaped”, and Russell as “the Virgin Mary”. Lacking any witness sketches or photos, what was this thing? An alien? A mutation? The world may never know.

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