Kushtaka is a cryptid that reportedly roams near Knik, Alaska. The creature was first found by the early


Trail cam photo of Kushtaka (red outline, not actual part of the cryptid)

natives, and its name translates to "land otter-man". Legend says that the Kushtaka is a shape-shifter, which means it can morph into anything it chooses, and it possibly hunts its prey using its shape-shifting abilities. This is another creature that is tracked down on Alaska Monsters. On the first night recon, Todd gets the scare of his life when the Kushtaka pulled him into a small lake. The next morning, him and Rhett start building a spiritual-type trap. On the last night hunt, Rhett is apparently seen walking away from the team, but then the real Rhett appears behind them, which shows that the shape-shifting part may be true. The creature set off the trap without being seen on the cameras, but somehow got away.


Alaska Monsters; Kushtaka interpretation

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