The M'kuoo M'bemboo is a dinosaur or reptilian creature found in west Cameroon, in Africa. Reported only              


Rendering of a Moeritherium, an extinct aquatic mammal of North and West Africa

once, it is apparently known to the local peoples, who named it. Despite the similar-sounding names, this is not just another local name for the Mokele Mbembe. The creatures are drastically different.              

The herbivorous creature is beyond massive, with a head alone that is described as the size of a full grown hippopotamus. It has a 'gurgling' roar, is described as shiny black. The head is compared to that of a seal, but 'flattened from above to below'. It appears to be at least semi-aquatic, as the one report described it exiting an aquatic cave and lunging out of the water.

Supposedly, it attacks hippos, but it does not eat them. This would explain why no hippos live in the region.

It could be possible that a Herbivorous species of Marine reptile or mammal found itself with in the African Cameroon or more likely a seal or even a large Crocodile.

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