Pair of marozi.

A Marozi is creature from mountainous region of Eastern Africa.


The marozi looks like a lion that has spots like a leopard. According to native folklore, large numbers of marozis inhabited the Aberdare Mountains until about 30 years ago, when they were killed off. Marozi skins and skulls were secured before the last of them died out. According to hunters in the area the marozi is smaller than a normal lion.

Some experts say that the marozi is simply a lion that has retained the spots that cubs have. However, the spots on a cub are lost as it ages.

Some sources state that the marozi is a lion/hyena crossbreed, but this very unlikely as lions and hyenas have very different genetic make-ups and are natural rivals.


It is most likely that marozi sightings are hoaxes, but the existence of skins and skulls disprove this theory. Another theory is that they are lions with a genetic mutation that causes them not to lose their spots. Genetic mutations are rare in the wild, but they do happen.

Another theory is that the marozi is a new species and/or subspecies of big cat. The marozi will hopefully be added to the former cryptids list soon enough.