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Moon Eyed People Of North Carolinaa
Artist’s Rendering of the Moon Eyed People Of North Carolina

The Moon Eyed People Of North Carolina are a Cherokee legend. The legend talks about them having big, round eyes, hence the name The Moon Eyed People. They are also very short, so therefore it's possible that they could be related to their european counterparts, the dwarves.

They Live in North Carolina, U.S.A. They are supposed to be a race of little people who live underground.Peopleclaim to have found small houses like mounds with spoons and other utensils iside of them. The house-like mounds are supposed to belong the the Moon Eyed People. Some eyewitnesses think that the house-like mounds are energy mounds or places of power. The Moon Eyed People are purported to be nocturnal, which might explain their enormous eyes.

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