Orobon in the Secret Saturdaysjpg

Orobon in the Secret Saturdays

The Orobon is an aquatic creature that said looks like a crocodile with a catfish head and webbed feet. It said that Orobon lives in Mount Mazovan of the Red Sea in Arabia during medieval times. It also said that Orobon used its tail to choke the life out of its victims before swallowing them whole, like a snake. It said to be 10 ft long and 10 ft wide but the full grown female size can reach 30ft from head to tail. This creature can kill and eat an entire caravan of people at one time and would eat any creature it could capture. 

In Popular Culture

  • Appears in the video game The Secret Saturdays: Beast of the 5th Sun. It appeared as a big green crocodile with a catfish head and has 4 tiny eyes. It also helps Zak to escape from A Bao A Qu and escape from the Underwater City. In the Nintendo version it's just a collectible cryptid for cryptopedia.
  • It also appeared as an enemy in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, where its looks like a Giant Anglerfish with tiny 4 eyes. They reappear in Final Fantasy XIII, where they are instead a subspecies of Sahuagin, a breed of bipedal fishmen.


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