Pakistan is a country east of China and India in Asia. It is rich in cryptids but the sightings and reports are not widely known by the crytozoological/botanical community.

Some cryptids in Pakistan include:

  • Clifton Creature - A giant carcass that washed up on Clifton beach, Karachi
  • Karachi mermaid-a popular online hoax saying that a mermaid washed up on Clifton Beach, Karachi in Pakistan
  • Barmanu - The Bigfoot of Pakistan.
  • Yeti - There have been some sightings of this Himalayan creature have been near Mount K2 in Pakistan.
  • Jinn - strange beings that vary in description. Origins of the "genie".
  • Shiqq/Kabandha - human-like creature without a head with an eye on its chest.
  • Nasnas-elephant headed people.

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