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This sea monster lurks the waters of Alaska terrorizing the locals. This creature has an assortment of strange features to it. For example, Pal Rai Yuk is reported to have 3 pairs of legs, have two fox-like heads, two tails, short horns, 3 dorsal fins, 3 stomachs, thick fur, a long tongue, paws at the end of each leg, a fish or whale-like tail, and a serrated ridge on its back.

This animal's name derives from Inuktitut words. Not only does it have a strange look but it has strange habits. It is highly carnivorous and vicious often rearing 7-8 feet out of the water and crashing its heavy body on the kayaks the locals are riding in. Pal Rai Yuk is said to possibly eat fish and people with its chameleon-like tongue and its sharp fangs. Inuktituts can also summon Pal Rai Yuk by tapping the bottoms of the kayaks or canoes.

This beast is only seen in bay areas not in the open ocean. Pal Rai Yuk sightings and legends have taken place in the Nunivak and King Islands in the Bering Strait of Alaska. A majority of them have also taken place near the Kuskokwim River in Alaska too. Alaska has a majority of strange cryptids such as The Iliamna Lake Monster and Sasquatch, but Pal Rai Yuk is by far the strangest.

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  • Qupqugiaq, another multi-legged mammalian cryptid from Alaska
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