Pomórnik also known as Polish Chupac
Oczy pomornik

Alleged photo of the creature.

was a mysterious, carnivorous creature spotted around 2004 in Poland, around Goleniowo in the Pomorze Zachodnie region.

The discovery

Many dead corpses of rabbits, ducks and hens were discovered in many villages. The creature was called Pomórnik by the locals. Police and local hunters decided to kill the creature, going even so far as to use a helicopter. The Pomórnik however wasn't caught neither by the police and hunters, or the villagers that went so far as creating traps for the creature. In 13 farms located close to eachother, 116 rabbits, 21 hens, 5 ducks and one goat were killed. Around one of them, a dead deer was found, indicating that the monster also kills wildlife.

According to the eyewitness accounts, Pomórnik stood over 1,5 meters tall, with blue glowing eyes. The rabbits seemed to be killed with a hit of a paw in the location of their hearts. A veterinarian Jakub Kolanek told that no animal living in Poland can do such thing. German scientist told that a piece of fur found near one of the attacked farms belonged to a wolverine which could wander into Poland from Russia. It is however not possible for one to be such large, so the wolverine might have just been there to scavenge the food that Pomórnik has left, and the creature might still be on the loose, wandering the forests of Poland.

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