Pressie is a lake monster that allegedly inhabits Lake Superior in the United States. It has been described as around 75 feet in length with a horse-like head, a whale-like tail, a longish neck, etc. Sightings of the monster date back to the 1800s. One possible Pressie sighting notes that the creature had behaved in a snake-like way by attempting to constrict a  

Pressie, the lake serpent04:43

Pressie, the lake serpent

man. This occured in 1897 near Duluth, Minnesota when a man fell overboard on his yacht after hitting a rock, in the water the man claimed that a creature attacked and attempted to constrict him. 


 It is possible that some Pressie sightings could have actually been of lake sturgeons, which can grow over 6 feet in length. Pressie could even be some species of snake, considering the one sighting with constriction. 

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