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Pterosaurs are flying reptiles that roamed the Earth in the Mesozoic era. Pterosaurs are included in Ornithodira, the clade of Archosaurs that includes Pterosaurs and Dinosaurs, including birds. Although they are often called "pterodactyls," this term is not scientific and has never been even related to any true science. Although they are thought to have gone extinct with their close relatives, the non-avian dinosaurs, 66 million years ago, sightings of pterosaur-like creatures sometimes occur, and there are many photos across the internet of "pterodactyls," although they are likely hoaxes.

Reports of living pterosaurs of various types have come from many places, even urban areas, but those that seem the most plausible come from remote areas of the world such as the jungles of Africa and the rain forests Papua New Guinea (a large island north of Australia). In Africa, the most famous pterosaur-like sightings are of a flying animal called the kongamato. It is described as red in color with no feathers, with bat-like wings, teeth in its snout, and is about six feet from wingtip to wingtip.

The ropen of Papua New Guinea is another famous pterosaur look-alike that hasn't been confirmed by science. It is described in terms that more precisely fit a pterosaur than any other known creature.

The more plausible "pterosaur" accounts have begun receiving different interpretations in recent years. Now, researchers favor the idea of there being one or more undiscovered species of giant bats. Since bats can have very odd-shaped heads, it could be that some bats happen to look like pterosaurs. This is much more likely, as in the fossil record, pterosaurs had "fuzz" covering their bodies, and their wings weren't like a bats'.


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