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Qiqirn, Qiqion, or Keelut is a hairless dog spirit from Inuit mythology. It is described as a large canine and completely naked, except with fur on its feet. This creature is known to terrify the Inuit people but can also be easily scared away if people shout out its name.

This creature silently follows travelers at night. When alone and far from home, the traveler is attacked by this ugly hound and their life is ended.

It is possible it could be a chupacabra or a type of Hellhound

Leyak by scythemantis-d5p0ya5 "As unpredictable—and probably just as controversial—as UFOs, Leyak are a supernatural phenomenon most feared by many Indonesians."

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Wild dog strut by hanyousblood-d55uh07

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