Bigfoot Sightings
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An actual polar bear

Qupqugiaq, also known as Kogogiak and the Qoqogaq, is an oceanic cryptid said to be a ten-legged polar bear. It is carnivorous and is said to attack Inuit villages, just like a normal polar bear (Ursus Maritimus). However, it has extra pairs of legs.


A drawing of the supposed creature.

Qupqugiaq is possibly the result of a villager hallucinating, causing people to see extra limbs. Local reasoning also purports that natives may have been seeing several polar bears at a distance, such as a mother and her yearling cubs, in such close proximity to one another that they appeared to form one body. It is also possible that they are seeing individuals with extreme genetic malformations, although these individuals rarely survive past a young age, particularly in the wild.


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