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Raven Mocker

The Raven Mocker is a legend of the Cherokee people of the Appalachian Mountains. As legend states, this creature is a witch who watches over the people in the form of a raven. A specific victim is chosen; an elderly member who is sickened or in a dying state, much like a lion takes out the weakest member in a herd of antelope. The Raven Mocker then takes to the sky in a fireball or other similar light-show, and then dives to prey upon its victim.

The witch will complete its gruesome task by taking out the victims heart without any incisions or marks.

Other legends

  • Before the Raven Mocker attacks, it will make its presence known by calling out the sound of a raven, which is commonly mistaken by a crow's call; a raven makes a more drawn-out, croaking call than a crow's "caw, caw".
  • The Raven Mocker was also featured in the Destination America show, Mountain Monsters. But in the show, The Raven Mocker is depicted as a black-fur Bigfoot with a white eye with a scar and ability to change in to any animal including the Raven, Hence the name.

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