The Alaska Triangle is a vast area in the remote US state of Alaska, which is probably the least known area
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for cryptozoologists to study around. The borders of this spot begin at Barrow in the far north, Anchorage in the south, and extends to Juneau in the southeast, then back up to Barrow again. This triangle is thought to contain mysterious creatures and secrets hidden in the wild Alaskan bush. Many of the reports of missing people are centered here as well, which may have something to do with the possible cryptids that supposedly roam there. Reports from this place may either be about sightings of massive Bigfeet, to as far as a plane being swallowed up into a vortex.

On Television

-Alaska Monsters, a team of six men that explore Alaska's triangle, investigating reports of mysterious creatures

-Missing in Alaska, three men who investigate the Alaska Triangle, with more mysteries rather than only monsters



The Alaska Triangle


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