• I've been a huge fan of cryptids and paranormal happenings for so long now. Monsters always caught my interests. I'd love to see something. Anything. But I haven't and I'm afraid I never will. I live in a boring city where nothing happens. The woods are pretty small and from what I know nothing's been sighted here.

    What do I do? Lol. That's a stupid question, isn't it? 

    Follow-up question: Have any of you seen anything? Or anything in the Illinois area at least?

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    • As for as cryptids in Illinois go, the big two are the Enfield Horror and Murphysboro Mud Monster. Of course, neither of these were sighted very close to Springfield. You never know what might happen though. Most places that you'll read about on here probably never thought they'd eventually become famous for a Bigfoot sighting or anything. I'd say you would be more likely to spot something outside of Springfield. Maybe in a less populated area.

      I once saw what appeared to be a bipedal deer. It was dark (and in rural areas it can get pretty darn dark) so all I saw was its silhouette about 60 feet away by the tree line. I thought at first that it was an ordinary deer, I was sure of that, but then I began to wonder when I saw it stand up on its hind legs. I don't really have an explanation, but who knows what I really saw.

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    • Sometime soon I'll be heading to Starved Rock. Itt'l be nice to see something there. Even if I don't see anything, the place looks really astonishing. I'd love to get out and explore. But at the time being I'm stuck where I am. I guess until then I'll just have to listen to people's interesting stories!

      Was the deer walking? Or just standing? Deer have been known to defensivley stand up when confronted, but they don't have the anatomy to walk like that. Did it have any antlers?

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    • Yeah, it did have antlers, and it did seem to walk for a ways into the woods. Very strange.

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    • How long would you say it walked? Did it look like it was stuggling to stay up, or did it move kind of naturally?

      I totally honestly believe you by the way.

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    • I saw it walk for only a few seconds, and from where I was standing it looked pretty natural to me. It looked just like a man walking, except just a few seconds before it was definitely a deer on four legs. Who knows what it really was, but in the low light it definitely looked like a bipedal deer walking into the woods.


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    • It reminds me a lot of the skinwalker ledgends... regardless, whatever you saw, rather it was something cryptic or just a super talented deer, you were lucky to see it.

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    • testing something. ignore this comment.

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