• I like, never ever get to travel. So I'm really excited to be able to go to South Dakota for a week. I was wondering if there have been any cryptids sighted there? Chances are I'd get to explore the wilds a bit- forests and the badlands. A heads up on what may-or-may-not be out there would be pretty great.

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    • Let's see... I have a family on South Dakota and according to them this is the cryptids that you may want to find or hunting. Bigfoot: Most unlikely because he's in all parts of USA, The Miniwashitu: A strange humanoid buffalo beast (Also roams on North Dakota), Devil's Lake Monster (Not to be confused with the Giant Octopus): Is a unknown fish that has been killing people in a lake, and a Thunderbird: Unlikely too.

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    • Yeah lol the woods of South Dakota are way more woodsy than my hometown of Illinois. If i have any chance of seeing one there, it'll at least be a better chance than where I'm coming from.

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