The Tsuchinoko is a snake-like cryptid from Japan . In Japan, its name is ツチノコ or 槌の子 (meaning "dirt child"). They are reported to be between 30 and 80 cm long. The name "tsuchinoko" is used in Western Japan, however it is known as "bachi hebi" in Northeastern Japan. The tsuchinoko has a thin head and tail, and a wide girth in between. It reportedly has fangs and venom, similar to some snakes. Some accounts also describe the tsuchinoko as being able to jump up to a meter in distance followed immediately by a second jump while still in the air.

It is also referenced in the kojiki, the oldest book about the history of Japan.

In Popular Culture

It makes an appearance in the video games Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, in which it is edible, and you can also keep it for some unlockables. It has also appeared as an enemy in the Castlevania series which is known to include several popular cryptids. Dunsparce, the Land Snake Pokémon, is also based on the Tsuchinoko. It is also a yokai in Yo-Kai Watch, which known as "Noko" in the English localization.In the Space Dandy episode " Nobody knows the Chameleon alien, Baby" QT discovers his love for Tsuchinoko fishing, which lead him to catching an extremely rare alien that had shape-shifted into a tsuchinoko. It even appears in an online fake dead Japanese creature carcass website. In the book "After Man" A creature named fatsnake resembles a tsuchinoko. The 3.0.0 update of Monster Hunter World added a capturable Tsuchinoko  which could be added as a pet to the players room.


See Also

  • Ular Pendek, a similar, wide-girthed snake cryptid from Indonesia