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    There is a new show on History Channel and I highly reccomend it.

    It's a nice mixture between a Cop show and a Cryptid documentary.

    It's fake like Mermaids: the Body Found and Discovery's Megaladon documentary, but like those two, It's good.

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    Fellow cryptid Wikians, my location gives me an extreme feild advantage. As some of you may know, on the pages Devil Monkey and Wood Booger, The tiny town of Saltville, Virginia is mentioned. This would indicate that this particular area is a CRYPTID HOTSPOT and it gets better. I live less than ten miles from this town. My family and I go there to hike and bike. Therefore my house is deep in the heart of a Cryptid hotspot. The forest on my land holds tons of deer (i dont hunt), edible plants and fresh spring water. These conditions are Ideal to hold these beasts and I'm going to take advantege of it. I am going to keep an eye out for evidence and look for these creatures myself.

    What do you all think?    

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    Cryptid log

    January 1, 2014 by Admiral Warsilver

    Attention all Cryptid wiki users, I just had a great Idea. Usually on the wiki, we discuss the findings of other people. While this is great and all, I also think that we should try to locate these cryptids ourselves. Due to this, I have created this page for people to report their findings while doing field work. Good luck.

    PS. What does everyone think of my new Idea? 

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    As most of you know, almost every lake with a dam in the U.S. has a story of a diver(s) going to the bottom of the dam and getting scared out of the water by a giant catfish.

    As creater of the Giant Catfish page on this wiki I would like to hear YOUR stories.

    Please leave your Giant Catfish stories below. 

    I cant wait to read them

    One of your admins, Admiral Warsilver 

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    Fun Facts

    January 5, 2013 by Admiral Warsilver

    I think every cryptid page should have a small area at the bottom titled "Fun Facts" that lists special things about each cryptid.

    For example

    Fun Facts:

    The current world record for largest catfish is a 646 pound 9 foot long Mekong Giant Catfish.

    stuff like that gets reader's attention.

    Thank you for listening and please leave your comments and opinions on my idea below.

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