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    In Roy Mackal’s book, Searching for Hidden Animals (NY: Doubleday, 1980), his last chapter is entitled “The Monstrous Plants.” It was not about cryptozoology, needless to say, but about cryptobotany, being a short treatise on the Victorian accounts of man-eating plants. It wasn't until Charles Darwin's analysis that the idea of carnivorous plants was accepted by the mainstream scientific community. However, the idea of carnivorous plants appeared in many cultures prior to Darwin's analysis, most notably as the carnivorous Tree. A Man-Eating Tree or Carnivorous Tree can refer to any of the many legendary or cryptozoological carnivorous plants that are large enough to kill and consume a person or other large animal. In actuality, the carnivorous p…

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    Pokémon (ポケモン/poh-kay-mon) is a media franchise owned by The Pokémon Company, which is run by the GameFreak company. The games based on it are powered on Nintendo devices. It was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. It is centered around fictional creatures called "Pokémon", which humans capture and train to fight each other for sport.

    Many Pokémon were actually inspired by Japanese cryptozoology.

    Two classic examples of Pokémon inspired by Japanese cryptozoology include Dunsparce: a Pokémon based on the Tsuchinoko, and Exeggutor: a Pokémon based on the Jinmenju.

    For almost a year, I've been working on a short film that attempts to bring the world of Pokemon life. This non-profit fan production is currently in it’s final stages of post-productio…

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    Flying Heads

    December 21, 2017 by Australopithecusman

    The most bizarre creatures to ever live might not be found in our deepest oceans, but high in the sky. In the 1600s, the Iroquois nations spoke of powerful entities known as the flying heads. One version of the story stated that the heads caused an immensely severe winter, that killed off plants and drove the moose and deer to other areas. Believed to be covered in long, flowing, fire like hair these demons were believed to fly through the air.

    Strange tales of these creatures don’t end in ancient legend, however. The Flying Head legend survives, but the name of the tribe who invented it is gone, lost to time. The hill where the unknown tribe's village was located, is considered cursed. Three different hotels were built on the sacred site and …

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    The second episode in the miniseries, Yeti Attacks, has finally been completed! The footage is from my 2015 trip to India, where I explore the Indian Yeti, Mande Barung, and the Monkey Man Attacks.

    Why do the rare occurrences of Yeti attacks occur?

    The pilot, Vampires of the Cursed Town has finally been completed! That was a lot of time and effort.

    I enjoyed working on this project, though it was tiring at times.

    A pilot episode is likely to appear before the completion of the remainder of the episodes. The pilot will likely be titled "Vampires of the Cursed Town" and deal with the Ro-Tay-Yo. The pilot will be lacking elements compared to the other episodes in the series and is mostly a sneak peak of the general idea. The series will feature artw…

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    To celebrate the fifth birthday of cryptid wiki, we are going to make a personality quiz and you can find out what cryptid you would be!

    To help out, submit a question that you think belongs on a personality quiz! We want the final results to be as many cryptids as possible to "personalize with each person" so your question needs to be fairly vague to keep the mystery of the final result alive! When you submit your question, please include the result for each answer option. For example,

    What is your favorite kind of food?

    a) Seafood - Kongamato, Lusca, Loch Ness Monster, Lau or Megalodon 

    b) Spicy food - Jinn, Hellhounds, Cherufe, Kabandha, dragon or Phoenix

    c) Anything sugary or Salty - Mongolian Death Worm, Sewer Monster , Antmen ,Lufferlang, …

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