• Australopithecusman

    A pilot episode is likely to appear before the completion of the remainder of the episodes. The pilot will likely be titled "Vampires of the Cursed Town" and deal with the Ro-Tay-Yo. The pilot will be lacking elements compared to the other episodes in the series and is mostly a sneak peak of the general idea. The series will feature artwork from user:diakujia.

    The series will likely premiere this Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th.

    The Series

    Possibly Afif, AmazingAncientWord and I are starting a YouTube do

    's Artwork]]

    cumentary series on cryptids. Unlike most YouTube cryptid documentaries, this will feature exploration and expeditions deep into the jungle and remote areas where cryptids have been sighted. The project is planned to be international a…

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  • Australopithecusman

    To celebrate the fifth birthday of cryptid wiki, we are going to make a personality quiz and you can find out what cryptid you would be!

    To help out, submit a question that you think belongs on a personality quiz! We want the final results to be as many cryptids as possible to "personalize with each person" so your question needs to be fairly vague to keep the mystery of the final result alive! When you submit your question, please include the result for each answer option. For example,

    What is your favorite kind of food?

    a) Seafood - Kongamato, Lusca, Loch Ness Monster, Lau or Megalodon 

    b) Spicy food - Jinn, Hellhounds, Cherufe, Kabandha, dragon or Phoenix

    c) Anything sugary or Salty - Mongolian Death Worm, Sewer Monster , Antmen ,Lufferlang, …

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  • Australopithecusman

    The Real Life Indiana Jones

    Tenacious and eccentric, the British archaeologist and explorer Percy Fawcett devoted years of his life to mapping the hostile jungle territories of South America. He seemed impervious to the numerous perils of the region, which included rough terrain, malaria, dangerous animals, poisonous snakes, vampire bats and unfriendly native populations. After hearing oral legends and reading manuscripts during his early expeditions, Fawcett became convinced that a lost city built by Europeans and brimming with gold was awaiting discovery in western Brazil; he referred to the hypothetical metropolis, which he thought might hold clues about the origins of human civilization, as “Z.”

    In 1925, Fawcett traveled to Brazil with his…

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  • Australopithecusman

    Among the least studied, known and understood cryptids are the arthropods and invertebrates, including Insects, Worms, Crustaceans, Spiders, Scorpions, Protists, Slime Molds and microscopic lifeforms (diseases). Here are the top ten of these forgotten cryptids. Get ready for some serious bugs!

    The Lambton Worm is a legend from North East England in the UK. The story takes place around the River Wear, and is one of the area's most famous pieces of folklore, having been adapted from written and oral tradition into pantomime and song formats.The story states that the young John Lambton was a rebellious character who missed his duties to go fishing in the River Wear. John Lambton does not catch anything until the time the church service finishes…

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