aka Jack.

  • I live in Iowa,State of corn.
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is I like pie :3
  • I am ......
  • Diakujia

    So my take on the Dinosaur I have used in my Science FIction Island, but I actually do thing that instead of a horn, it is actually a large nose cavity to warm the air before the dinosaur breaths it.

    Here is a link to it. Copy short URL

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  • Diakujia

    Did you know it is Paranormal day? It's a real holiday! Today you share a story you have had with the paranormal!

    One story of mine actually happened 2 days ago, I saw an orb in my home town Salvation army were my dad works, the orb was on the security camera at closing time, when the lights turned off.  

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  • Diakujia

    I found out just a few days ago that gremlins are supposedly the reasons some machines around the second world war, now my dad at his house is surrounded by paranormal activity and almost everyday, when something techanical of his is acting weird, he says It's a gremlin, in a serious tone, I had no idea gremlins actually were known to mess with machines, I thought he just called them Gremlins.

    Strange thing is, I actually think they really are gremlins now, one actually got into my Samsung, It won't charge all the way any more, it say's it's not plugged in even with it is, videos pause on it and the volume gets changed around, from mute, to all the way, sometimes low, sometimes in the middle, as if something is making it do that, also Somet…

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  • Diakujia

    Shadow Person

    April 14, 2016 by Diakujia

    Recently my Dad's house seems to have a new member, only this one is not a physical being. It seems to have long hair, or at least the shadow of hair and just kind of moves agianst the walls kind of like the shadow from the Peter Pan move, ALthough I have only seen its head and shoulders, because the rest of its body is always in a normal shadow, and as you look over or get close, it seems to just melt into the shadow of whatever object is casting it.

    My and my dad both have hair that reachs past our shoulders so maby it is trying to fit in our it just always had the hair.

    I always thought shadows were bald or had a hat....weird.

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  • Diakujia

    Mine would be, In South Dakota, going to the DInosaur park in Rapid city during summer, as it rains, and I'm inside the gift shop, surrounded by all things dinosaur, eating bubble gum ice cream! 

    Ah the memories, That place is the reason I love ANimals and prehistoric creatures so much! You should all see about this place called Dinosaur park Rapid city.

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