Long ago back in 2011 i was out walking along river side in council bluffs watching the forest and all the bird and stuff it was partly cloudy when all of a sudden i heard a noise in the bush i looked over and i saw what was either a dog standing on its hind legs looking at me ...but dogs cant stand perfectly still on two back legs i saw this creature it had a long ant eater face a black main thats all i saw but i could tell he was standing up it was 4 feet tall i saw that creepy messed up mutant thing but by the time i was going to tell my parents about it it ducked down and ran off i to this day i have no idea what it is and were it came from but during this summer i went to that place and i saw footprints..not just any foot prints it looked like they were left by hooves but it was as if the hooves prints were left by a animal that walked on its back legs. like some kind of mix between a goat a human a wolf and an ant eater.I don't know what ever this thing is but its not a normal animal its the farthest thing from,the closest thing i could think this thing is to is a chupacabra you don't know what a chupacabra is? well go figure it out because i'm not telling you. i don't know how big that forest is around river side lake but there is no way a creature like that can live anywere in Iowa and only be seen by meand i did see it clear as a piece of glass its real and its pretty freaky...   I am 100% dead serious 

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