Dinosaurs after man, A powerful and strange title, I'm thinking, what if after man kind is extinct, probably due to over population and nuclear devastation, What if there is a possibility that dinosaurs will once more come into power over the earth and will spread through the continents. How you ask? Well there are a few ways it might happen, One is the Cryptids said to be dinosaurs that may survive through the human extinction, If they are real, perhaps since humans are gone, along with 75 percent of life on earth, they may be able to evolve back to the dominance they once had, Just like at the end of the Permian extinction, killing off 90 percent of life on earth, the dinosaurs like Coelophysis and other early dinosaurs using some kind of evolutionary advantage, plowed through the Permian extinction and thrived, evolving into many different forms, Could the era of the dinosaur return?

Now they wouldn't be like the dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era, They would be similar but different, Depending on which Dinosaur cryptic survives and if they are real dinosaurs or not, most likely Mokele Mbembe might survive due to the heavy covering of trees and water along with Emela Ntouka which is in the same area , after millions of years of evolution, if they survive, they could evolve into many species of Sauropods and Certopsian dinosaurs.

And another way they could live after us is the small chance humans clone dinosaurs like other animals they due today, we go extinct due to some kind of disease or something like that, the dinosaurs brake from their cages just like other animals brake from their zoos and safari parks ready to explore their new radioactive world, raptor like creatures roam the American Midwest the overgrown streets of Tokyo, Possible Tyrannosaur like cloned creatures hunt Zoo Elephants descendants in Australian hundreds of years after humans went extinct.

Another possible way that dinosaurs could back is, well many people believe that today, Dinosaurs still live but are known by a new name, The birds. Yes it could be that years of evolution after humans and/or nuclear radiation caused birds ancient saurian traits to take effect, causing them to become more dinosaur like, in size, shape and appetite.

And the very, very, unlikely but possible future that all 3 of these put together cause a hole new world of hundreds of kinds of new dinosaurs, after humans have gone extinct.

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