Dinosaurs are very much still alive today. As birds or as sightings in the Congo or Australia, under the earths surface and even in space. 

Although scientist claim all of them perished in the after math of a giant asteroid impact 66 million years ago.

There is much more to this story. In accordant with the paleo-contact or ancient astronaut theory, Alien grays have been visiting our planet fro a very long time. As far back as the era of the Dinosaurs and even further.

These extra terrestrial beings were aware of the danger that was to befall on planet earth and sought to save the life that came from this beautiful lush rain forest covered world. The alien gray abducted many species of Dinosaurs and other animals and kept them all in a cosmological zoo located on planets in there home system. They grays realized that with a little more time the Dinosaurs would evolve to become intelligent sentient beings but there candle was snuffed out to soon after many millennia. The gray decided to tamper with the Dna of the Troodon to create the first Dinosaur Gray hybrid.

Once this new reptilian species became self aware the grays gave them freedom and some chose to go home to planet earth...

And in other parts of the universe the reptilian dinosaurs became some of the smartest creatures in the hole universe. uniting with actual alien reptiles that evolved on there own, to take over the human race.

I didn't make this up. this might actually going on..we just don't know

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