Lets go back 1 day before the extinction of the Dinosaurs. as you look around you see all the diffrent types of plants and animals giant lumbering triceratops and fast flying pterodactyles.

But then the sun is blocked..what could it be? Its a giant astroid heading towards earth!

The impact of the astroid creates the loudest sound the world has ever heard.

The impact causes giant Tital waves earth quakes to go off as the world super volcanos go off sending lava and ash into the air suffecating the land and causing years of what seems like night time killing off all the dinosaurs and other creatures to big to hide in holes and caves in the ground.....or did it? if such creatures as crocs gaters turtles and snakes were able to survive..what sais creatures such as dinosaurs died out? id say dinosaurs just were sent into a small population that couldent get back up as mammels started taking over they were pushed into dence jungles and hot empty desserts and even to the sea and air..The dinosaurs are alive.

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