Is the earth solid? Or could it be hollow, like a gumball?

Legends say that there is 2 large openings to hollow earth, one in the south pole, and one in the north pole that leads to a tropical world were many animals and even dinosaurs roam the land, Mountain ranges exist and are said to be as tall or taller then the mountains on the outer world. A vast sea is said to exist in hollow earth and it holds million apon millions of unknown animals, and even more on the lush habitats on the land, ranging from rainforest and temprate forests to mountain ranges and grass lands, even cities are said to exist in the earth which is either highly evolved reptiles and people from earth or from another planet and is using hollow earth as a stop.

The hollow earth is light by a smokey sun that is 600 miles wide and floats in the middle of the earth, it keeps the inside world a constint day at 75 digrees, perfect for life to exist.

Many cultures knew about hollow earth and even Nazi's had a map that was said to mark entrances to the hollow earth, expeditions to the hollow earth by America and nazi's say that once inside the earth you will see flying saucers, lakes, forests and even living mammoths.

Now if Hollow earth is true, if you were to stand inside of of the hollow earth and looked straight up, you may be able to see the other side of the wall of earth, so basicly you are seeing forests, rivers and other habitat in what seems like the sky. The inhabitants of hollow earth are said to be humans, 11 foot tall giants and reptilian aliens, they live in peace with nature and the cities are all in contact with each other while leaving the the hollow earth to plants and animals, and even fear for the safety of all life on the surface.

The whole inside world is called Agartha, Agartha lays inside Terra, Also known as earth.

MAP of Inner Earth

Hollow earth.