So you all know about the bloop...the sound of an animal much bigger then even a whale

But in 2013 Japan they caught a sonar of more unknown giant marine life.

Now what do i think of it? Well Giant sea life could be real. 95 percent of the ocean is unexplored.

Now im not saying there are thousands of them and im not saying they can breath atomic breath or make lightinging like the monsters from the godzilla moves but they could just be...giant reptile like or fish life animals.

Think about it. The largest animal to ever found to live on land is Argentinosaurus and the earth is 70 percent ocean right? Wouldent it make sense that something could be living at the bottem of that ocean..that is 70 percent larger then the biggest known animal to ever walk the land. And mabye if its so large then mabye it could also live for a really really long time like 200 to 400 years..something like that....



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