Ok ok..So Prehistoric world is a world with every single extinced creature on it collected by im going to tall you what it looks like..from up in space it looks just like earth it has big land masses and bigger oceans..its green blue and orange with the sand but this world is 200 times bigger then earth. There is 10 continents, a North and South pole, one continent that is made up of thousands of large tropical islands around the equatore, and continent like africa that is both a desert at the top of it and on its bottom is a huge huge lush rainforest that hold meny meny plants and animals. Then there is a continent like South america, it lays on the south western side of the african like continent and like south america it is mostly all Rain forest. That is 5 of the continents.

Near the south pole lays 2 small continents only about the size of earth each that are warm in the summer but in the winters can get very cold depending on what side of the continent is closer the the equator, this is wear animals like mammoths and migrating dinosaurs live, plus meny other animals from diffrent time periods.

Then there is the bigtest continent on one side of this planet that is so huge that it easly takes up 57.9 percent of all dry land on this planet, most of the animals live hear sence it is such a big area, 70 percent of all the dinosaurs reptiles, not including tropical mammels insects and other creature live hear sense this continent has so meny diffrent habitats.from rainforest to desert, from mountains to lakes.

To keep thIs world fresh the aliens have released a few non extinct animals here such as trillions and trillions of earths worms, crickets, roachs and meny other insects.

Any animal and plant that is extinct that You can think of is on this planet.

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