I found out just a few days ago that gremlins are supposedly the reasons some machines around the second world war, now my dad at his house is surrounded by paranormal activity and almost everyday, when something techanical of his is acting weird, he says It's a gremlin, in a serious tone, I had no idea gremlins actually were known to mess with machines, I thought he just called them Gremlins.

Strange thing is, I actually think they really are gremlins now, one actually got into my Samsung, It won't charge all the way any more, it say's it's not plugged in even with it is, videos pause on it and the volume gets changed around, from mute, to all the way, sometimes low, sometimes in the middle, as if something is making it do that, also Sometimes I hear some one through the speakers going:  hmm hehehe, as some dupbsep music plays.

Now it says they were used as a joke's when Airplanes fail, but some people believe and swear they are real, and..mabye they are, most likely a subspecies of Gnome or Goblin. We need a page on gremlins.