The legand known as The Boogeyman(Bogeyman also spelled bogiemanboogeyman, or boogie man) has been around for hundreds of years, and we all have our own interpritation of what it is what it looks like or if its even real.The Boogyman has meny diffrent looks all over the world from it looking like the Enfeild horror to descriptions of it looking like the Slenderman. Its said to lurk in your closet or just manifests under your bed as you lay asleep at night motionless.

Meny movies,Tv episodes, books, and even Creepypastass have been made with this creature in hand either about The Boogeyman or something simular to it.Some even say Bloody Mary and The Boogey man could be the same creature or demon.

Sense the Boogeyman has no settled appearence, he looks diffrent in each house hold it could be that the Boogeyman could be based of meny animals and demons and even murders.

In my view..It could have spawned from sightings of demons in some kids room but the boogeyman himself? all being the same creature? Nahhh for me..Fake.

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