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  • Grootslang


    June 9, 2015 by Grootslang

    Glorious Leader has disappeared a month ago. And all guys, that liked or don't liked him, felt a big relief. Yeah, this dumb disappeared and maybe dead. But...


    OH MY GOD!

    He returns now.

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  • Grootslang

    Cryptid Wiki: Bushido

    April 22, 2015 by Grootslang

    For many months that I conntribute here, i wanted to ask one question: Where is rules? And a day ago i found these rules, the best wiki rules, which i saw.

    1. Rectitude - Act in cryptid wiki's best interest. This includes blocking vandals, correcting gramar and improving article quality. However, this is cryptid wiki, and you are not permitted a alter an article in any way that undermines the credibility of cryptids. Cryptids here have a real until proven false policy, so treat a cryptid as if it is real until it has been proven false. You can use speculative science to state, "Well, if this is real, then this science would explain its possible existence..." 
    2. Courage - Stand up the wiki and cryptozoology regardless of what others might think. R…

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  • Grootslang

    Well whenever I go overseas to a tropical place i try to go scuba diving. I went on a trip to indonesia, specificly I went to the island of lombok. When I was there I mamaged to go diving. The day was clear andthe ocean was also very clear. We (instructor and 5 other people) went diving to an area which was housed by lots of small (box fish) to medium sized fish (parrot size fish) and a rich coral reef, which possesed a large drop off of about 25 to 35m to my right side. I was placed about 5m from anyone else in the group, which was good cause if i had crapped by pants it would..well it be gross. Just out of view in the drop off area was a very long triangular shaped creature, now i say creature lightly because i guess it could have been …

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  • Grootslang


    January 5, 2015 by Grootslang

    My account was hacked by someone in morning!

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  • Grootslang

    Мy sad thoughts...(

    December 4, 2014 by Grootslang

    White snow, gray ice, on a bursting earth. The cover that is stretched out on it - a town in the loop of a road.

    And clouds are floating above the town, covering the sky-blue color, and above the town there's a yellow smoke, the town is two thousand years old, lived through under the light of the star called Sun...

    And there's a war over two thousand years, a war without special causes. A war – the work of the youth, a medicine against wrinkles.

    Red, red blood after one hour there's already simply the earth, after two hours there are flowers and grass on it, after three hours she's living again and heated with the rays of the star called Sun...

    And we know that it has always been like this, that we like more the destiny who's living according …

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