Lombok map

Map of lombok

Really really really bad sketch

Really really really rough sketch

Well whenever I go overseas to a tropical place i try to go scuba diving. I went on a trip to indonesia, specificly I went to the island of lombok. When I was there I mamaged to go diving. The day was clear andthe ocean was also very clear. We (instructor and 5 other people) went diving to an area which was housed by lots of small (box fish) to medium sized fish (parrot size fish) and a rich coral reef, which possesed a large drop off of about 25 to 35m to my right side. I was placed about 5m from anyone else in the group, which was good cause if i had crapped by pants it would..well it be gross. Just out of view in the drop off area was a very long triangular shaped creature, now i say creature lightly because i guess it could have been an optical illusion I saw but it appeared to me to be a solid shape. Id say it was about 10 meters long or longer as well as about 3-4m wide at the largest end of its body. For refrencess sake i would like to sate that on land i am terrible at judging distances, doesnt improve under water. Other distinguishible features is its face it looked like it had toungues moving around or a just a weird jaw. As well as the fact the body seemed to have an increase of width around half way down its body. When i turned started swimming like mad to the nearest person becuase i recognised it was not a shark but was still scared enough to you know swim. by the time i got to the nearest person the shape had fadded enough tt even th outline was barely recognisable. I cant find a modern animal or preastoric fish i can think of or that i can find so i decided mabye id ask you guys(and gals) of you by any chance knew what it was. Driving me nuta lately thinking about it.

Any comments are open i got no judgement (unless someone says its something stupid in which i will call the leviathan to tear them limb from limb)

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