Honey giants

aka The Thunderbird

  • I live in In the storm clouds (commits lightning)
  • I was born on June 11
  • My occupation is Making thunderstorms
  • I am A female thunderbird
  • Honey giants

    "Gee-Gee-Geezus its cold" the mystery bird chatters. I have an explanation of what could the Gee-Gee bird is.

    There are multiple talking birds, but personally I'll consider the Gee-Gee bird a parrot. Parrots learn words from their owners, and the Gee-Gee probably learned that phrase from his/her previous owner. Maybe the owner went to Alaska with his bird, learned the phrase, escaped, and became a cryptid.

    For a simple explanation of what it's trying to say, "Jesus, it's cold!"

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