• Kentrostego32

    Cryptid Drawings

    November 7, 2015 by Kentrostego32

    Give me either a Aquatic Cryptid ir a Living Fossil and i will draw it.


    You can guess what he is.

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  • Kentrostego32

    So i noticed many digimon seem to resemble cryptids and myths and some are even inspired by them so i am going to show you some digimon who are cryptids

    Seadeamon/Megaseadramon/Metalseadramon Seen to be based on the Ogopogo 

    Wendigomon is obvioisly based on a Wendigo but slightly resembles a Sasquatch

    Mephistomon is not based on a cryptid but it does look like the jersey devil

    Eldoradimon seems to resemble the beast of busco and the zaratan

    Thunderbirdmon is obviosly based on a thunder bird

    Gwappamon is based on a kappa

    Pheonixmon is obviosly a pheonix

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  • Kentrostego32

    the lifecycle of the biggest lake monster

    1day old

    Defenceless and small it has not grown its ornamental feathers(or furr) and only raises its head diet regurgitated fish and invertobrates size 0.8meters

    1week old

    Growing sharp teeth it can now hunt live food and is still featherless diet live fish,terrapins,anything on the shore size 1.4meters

    1month old

    Teeth have fully developed it can now easily kill even armoured prey growing feathers diet anything smaller than it size 2meters

    1year old

    now ready to leave the lake it hauls itself across the land eating anything that gats close exept invertobrates size 5.2meters

    5years old

    in the ocean it hunts sharks dolphins and turtles and ives deep like ichthyosaurs size 8meters

    1decade old

    it has grown alot s…

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