the lifecycle of the biggest lake monster

1day old

Defenceless and small it has not grown its ornamental feathers(or furr) and only raises its head diet regurgitated fish and invertobrates size 0.8meters

1week old

Growing sharp teeth it can now hunt live food and is still featherless diet live fish,terrapins,anything on the shore size 1.4meters

1month old

Teeth have fully developed it can now easily kill even armoured prey growing feathers diet anything smaller than it size 2meters

1year old

now ready to leave the lake it hauls itself across the land eating anything that gats close exept invertobrates size 5.2meters

5years old

in the ocean it hunts sharks dolphins and turtles and ives deep like ichthyosaurs size 8meters

1decade old

it has grown alot since birth and can now hunt anything it likes not even whales are safe size 12meters

1century old

at the prime of its life it can take down entire ships some move back to the lake size 35meters

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