(1)The Only lizard Man I Accept Is the One With the Alligator Like Snout Or Long Snout and has a long tail and not a human like face or nose. (2)Chupacabra Is a Bi pedal And Has A Alien Like Face and im used to that Also They Saw Ufos Before Its not a dog like creature in my opinion. (3)I belive The Honey Island Swamp monster Is A Bigfoot that Evolved Webbed Feet To Live in its swamp habitat not a chimp and alligator cross breed (4)Reptiods are something i dont Belive In a creature wouldnt evolve To Shapeshift Also I dont belive in reptiles with flat faces (5)I Dont Belive In Merepeople beacause fish wouldnt have human faces or arms (6)I find it hard to belive in Animal Shapeshifters Beacuase humans wouldnt evolve to shapeshift (7)I dont Belive in Most Shapeshifters Beacause Animals Or Humans Wouldnt Evolve To Shapeshift (8)I dont belive In The Classic Werewolf Meaning A Human Shapeshifting Into a werewolf Beacasue Humans wouldnt evolve to do that but i do belive in the beast of bray road and other Bi pedal wolfs

Dear Admins or Other People, Dont Edit This To change my opinions Or How i think about these things beacause Its My Opinion Also Dont Delete It If it doesnt agree with your opinions these are my opnions.Also Sorry If these dont agree with your Thoughts Please dont start a flame war.You May Correct Grammatical Errors.

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